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Over the course of our careers, our professionals have participated in engagements which have uncovered in excess of $50 million unpaid amounts due clients. Our primary services are in royalty audits and litigation support. We represent royalty recipients and analyze a licensee's books and records to uncover unpaid royalties due and to identify other instances of contract non-compliance. With our combined 25 years of experience, sophisticated computer analytical skills and access to an international network of auditors, we are able to yield reliable, timely and cost-effective results that exceed clients' expectations.
When it comes to royalty audits, experience and expertise are everything.
As our clients know, we provide plenty of both to get the results we do.

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Some Companies Our Auditors Have Inspected:
• 20th Century Fox
• Atlantic Records
• Buena Vista Theatrical
• Delivery Agent Web Commerce
• Dell Computer
• Disney
• Disney Interactive Studios
• Electronic Arts
• LG Electronics
• Lionsgate Films
• MGM Home Video
• MGM Studios
• Mirage Casino Hotel
• New Line Cinema
• NOVA Science Publishers
• Paramount Pictures
• Peer Music
• Pioneer Electronics
• Playboy Channel
• Rhino Records
• Sony
• Sony Pictures
• Sony Records
• The Weinstein Co.
• Ubisoft
• Universal Music Group
• Universal Music Publishing
• US International Media
• Viacom/Paramount
• Warner Bros.
• Warner Music Group
• Weber-Stephen Products
• Wixen Music Publishing

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