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Compliance is Complex
Contractual agreements are typically complex, routinely requiring audits to ensure compliance. Clearly, the quality of the audit is paramount. When compliance is in question, the level of resolution and satisfaction you receive depends upon the thoroughness of the audit. Knowing what to look for is critical to a full and proper settlement.
Expertise and Experience are Everything
Over the course of our careers, the professionals at Hurewitz And Company have participated in engagements which have uncovered in excess of $50 million unpaid amounts due clients. Our primary services are in royalty audits and litigation support. We represent royalty recipients and analyze a licensee’s books and records to uncover unpaid royalties due and to identify other instances of contract non-compliance. With our combined 25 years of experience, sophisticated computer analytical skills and access to an international network of auditors, we are able to yield reliable, timely and cost-effective results that exceed clients’ expectations.

Who We Serve
We have represented individuals and companies entitled to receive royalty payments in industries as diverse as:

• Consumer Products • Entertainment • Electronics
• Software • Video Games • Technology • Intellectual Property

Why We are the Right Choice
Clients choose to work with us because, throughout our decades of experience, we‘ve proven to be:

  • Accountable - We value integrity and transparency, communicating regularly with our clients.
  • Cost-effective - We minimize costs through the use of software and a flexible, streamlined approach.
  • Up-to-date - We are innovative and current on business practices and digital technology.
  • Tenacious - We are persistent in obtaining the information our clients deserve.
  • Respectful - We work in a professional manner that preserves our clients’ business relationship.
  • International - Custom teams of tried-and-tested auditors can conduct audits around the globe.
  • Results-oriented - We target our analysis in areas likely to yield the results our clients wish to achieve.

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